IPE Short Staff


IPE Brazilian Walnut
Short Staff
30-36″ round
Approx: 21oz
Made in USA



IPE Short Staff Brazilian Walnut

The IPE short staff (Brazilian Walnut) comes in lengths from 30-36 inches weighting in at 21 oz at the 36″ length.  Also known as a Jo Staff, this is American Nunchaku’s first release of our line of handmade staffs.  This model is made from Brazilian Walnut also known as IPE.  We hand cut and sand each staff and finish them in oils before the final finish sanding.  Our IPE Short Staff is perfect for practice in close quarters for all martial arts forms as well as a highly effective self defense staff.  It’s short length makes it easy to transport and use.

Jo Staff

 (:じょう) is an approximately 1.27-metre (4.2 ft) wooden staff, used in some Japanese martial arts. The martial art of wielding the jō is called jōjutsu or jōdō. Also, aiki-jō is a set of techniques in aikido which uses the jō to illustrate aikido’s principles with a weapon. The jō staff is shorter than the . Today, the jō is still used by some Japanese police forces.


For more information about our nunchaku and us check about us  Also check out the history of nunchaku to get more information about it’s role is martial arts as well as how to care for your IPE Short Staff.  Always check your local laws in regards IPE Short Staff and their use as well as our terms and conditions.

If an item becomes “Back ordered“: Since we make all our IPE Short Staff by hand, back ordered for us means that the wood has not been cut yet.  This normally adds from 2-5 days to the time before an item can ship out.  For more information about shipping please see our shipping page for details.  If you need an item for a special event please feel free to use our contact page to get an estimate on shipping time.

Additional information

Weight 21 oz
Dimensions 36 × 1.125 × 1.125 in
Short Staff Length

30 inch, 31 inch, 32 inch, 33 inch, 34 Inch, 35 inch, 36 inch

IPE Short Staff